Sigma Seven Consult Limited was formed in July 2005 to help create adaptive enterprises. The firm has since expanded to become one of the leading consultancy firms in Uganda engaging over 10 senior consultants in the fields of research, Environment assessment, financial management and training, Leadership Management & Training, Strategic Planning, revenue & tax planning and management especially for Local Governments, Development project planning, project monitoring and evaluation, Procurement & Contract Evaluation, transforming manual accounting into computerised accounting and carry out audit in association with Allied Certified Public Accountants. Find out more

Our Values

We believe in RICE- (Respect, Integrity, Care and Excellence) as the rock foundation for our very existence.


We believe in mutual respect of all our stakeholders. All stakeholders are recognized as partners and get treated with utmost courtesy. We always try to do unto others as they would wish be done unto them.

Our Mission

To help create adaptive and profitable enterprises


We believe in taking care of every stake holder’s interests within the limits of our organizational capacity. We always try to be more entrepreneurial and innovative in executing our advisory or management roles. We believe information is power and we are obliged to share information and knowledge if only to make project at hand more adaptive, successful and profitable.


We believe that business excellence is not static, and that solutions to a problem, give rise to other challenges for which new solutions must be found. Consequently, we are never satisfied with anything less than the very best in everything we do. We create a creative climate in which everyone vigorously seek to learn, unlearn and relearn and develop new insights and innovations in support of the task at hand.