Who we are

Statement of Philosophy

Sigma Seven is to continue to invest in developing in market knowledge of our consultants to ensure that they can combine their skills with a good understanding of the environment in which our clients operate. Our practice is based on the following:

i. Rendering valuable professional services in the most cost effective and efficient manner.

ii. Provide creative and adoptive solutions that are practical and realistic.

iii. Commit to the highest ethical standards in the industry.

iv. Forster a culture of diversity among our consultants to ensure deeper and wider analysis of situations.

v. Create a working environment and culture within our firm that inspire innovation and creativity.

The impact of globalization and liberalization of trade has been to unleash stiff competition. Change is more rapid and unpredictable. Survival and sustainability is more uncertain. Business leaders face a greater challenge to steer through the rather chaotic marketplace. Most projects and businesses see seasons change but do nothing or make wrong responses.


To survive and thrive, projects, businesses and generally all enterprises must learn to sniff changing needs of stake holders and adapt. Adaptive projects and enterprises will remain relevant and profitable. But to be adaptive means to constantly monitor and evaluate project development in line with current environment. A project design is the totality of how a project selects its target audience, defines and differentiates its service offering, defines the tasks it will perform itself and those it will outsource, how it configures its resources, and creates value for all stakeholders. This means a change in strategy, structure, systems, leadership, staff and organizational culture every time there is change in the environment. Monitoring and evaluation assist analyse project goals at the start of the project in comparison with the new environment at every stage of the project implementation process. We believe that through stakeholder collaboration and strategic partnership with project implementers, we can help create adaptive and sustainable projects that meet the desired goals to the benefit of the target audience.

Our key success factors include:

Size of our firm. We have a team of over ten consultants and Associate Consultants that combine with the administration staff to carry out the task at hand. We dedicate a team of highly qualified and experienced consultants to ensure that any assignment is carried out within the time frame allotted. These Consultants are assisted by research assistants to help on data collection and input.

Selected Team. We shall put together a team of highly qualified, experienced and motivated consultants with the necessary skills, training and expertise to carry out any assignment allocated under competitive bidding. The team selected will be able to handle multi-tasks simultaneously. Part of the team can be reviewing literature, while the other part of the team is interviewing stake holders and extracting and inputting data.

Our experience. Our firm and the individual consultants have accumulated wide experience in various research projects and have handled several assignments with Local Governments, Private institutions and Donor funded projects. We know what is required to carry out an effective research project, sources of data and the benefits of timely reporting of findings and recommendations. We are in position to accurately deploy our resources to deliver effective results within the time allocated to the assignment.

Our technology resources. Our technology capabilities ensure speedy response. Each member of our team is computer literate and has his/her own computer with unlimited access to internet via wireless internet connections. This facilitates our research team to share and exchange data updates and progress reports. Constant communication within the team carrying out the assignment helps to avoid work duplication and enhance maximum use of skills available within our firm.